5 Pressure Points For Anxiety Problem Solution In Dhaka

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Various studies have proven multiple times the benefits of using acupressure points. Not only for depression, anxiety, or any other diseases but also for a lot of health diseases, acupressure points can help a lot. But it’s a continuous process, if you should be following the perfect pressure notes every time you’re free. Pressure points are something that can help your mind to feel relaxed and stress-free, and after following these things for at least a few months, you’ll see the difference. If you are looking for a permanent anxiety problem solution in Dhaka, then acupressure is a great help for you. 

Here we will be mentioning 5 pressure points in your entire body that are extremely beneficial for any kind of mental condition. Before you start doing them on a regular basis make sure you consult a doctor first and take their advice, without any further ado let’s learn them first. 

  • Hall Of Impression Points 

When it comes to acupressure, you should put all your focus on your forehead first. Because this is the only place where all your anxious thoughts are coming. If you or anyone can place their middle finger in the middle area of two eyebrows, more specifically where the Indian women wear bindi. You can use your thumb, index finger, or middle finger to put a little pressure on that area. Just sit alone in a room in a comfortable position, then close your eyes and put pressure on that point for 5 to 10 minutes constantly.

  • Shoulder Wall Points 

Sometimes the ultimate cause of anxiety disorder is no trauma but only mental pressure. In today’s generation, we all have a very tough schedule to follow. This is also a reason to have massage therapy in your shoulder wall points. Trust us, it’s a big stress buster for you. But if you have started suffering from anxiety disorder due to stress level then having an acupressure session in your shoulder wall can be a fantastic choice. Just put pressure on your shoulder muscles with the help of your thumb or middle and enjoy the magic. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for anxiety problem solution in Dhaka, then this can be a savior for you. 

  • Union Valley points 

The Union Valley refers to the middle point of your index finger and thumb. Just like shoulder wall points it can also help you to get a relaxing experience after the session. If the reason for your anxiety is again your work pressure or hectic schedule then make sure you make some time for acupressure in Union Valley Point. Following this twice a day is more than enough. Just take the index finger and thumb on your opposite hand and keep enjoying the comfort it gives.

  • Inner Frontier Gate Point

This point for acupressure can do magic to shift your negative thoughts somewhere. This is the reason you need to identify the correct way to add pressure in this area, especially when you are suffering from these mental issues. Just take a measurement of 3 fingers on the reverse side of your palm and with the help of your other hand start putting pressure or start doing the massage for the next few minutes. More specifically try to place your finger in the hollow between the tendons.

  • Heavenly Get Point 

It’s the upper part of the external area of your ear. Many people don’t know about it but it’s a very interesting and effective area for acupressure. This area indirectly helps a lot to give you slow but steady results to fight your anxious thoughts. With the help of your index finger or middle finger and thumb you can get permanent relief. Just like the other points, sit in a relaxing position and continue the massage for 10 minutes.

The pressure notes and force is a vital things when it comes to acupressure, especially for mental health. If you have any major issues like high BP, diabetes, heart disease, or if you’re pregnant, make sure you consult a therapist or doctor first and then only go to these acupressure sessions. However, this massage therapy is the most wonderful way to bring back your happy mind without any side effects.

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