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 If you’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for a very long time, then you must have tried therapies. To be a little straightforward, the therapies generally take a long time to serve you the cure. Moreover, it can be boring in the initial days. If you’re consulting a top-notch doctor for depression therapy in Haryana then only you might experience a faster recovery. Well, remember one thing, the duration of cure will always depend on the severity of your mental health. 

  No matter if you’re taking any depression therapy or not continuing 4 yoga poses, will definitely give you a visible result. But make sure you’ve consistency and a good lifestyle, otherwise, nothing will work in your favor. The yoga poses are briefly described below. Don’t forget to follow them as mentioned.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana 

There is nothing hard in the pose. Keep in mind that you need to make a V shape, and your face will be downward. People also call this yoga pose Downward Facing Dog Pose. When you see the entire body posture, it might look tough, but in reality, it’s not. First off, touch your feet with your hands, without bending your knees. In the second step put your legs in backward. Remember your head, arms, and legs should be straight. When you’re in the V shape just hold your breath and while getting back in the standing position start exhaling slowly.

  • Salamba Sarvangasana 

When you’re suffering from depressive thoughts, doing a little bit of a tough yoga pose can certainly help you in many aspects. SalambaSarvangasana is a combination of tough and easy yoga poses. Initially, you might find it tough but gradually it will be easier for you. Just lay down on your yoga mat, then grab your waist by your hand and lift up your entire lower portion. Make sure your head and shoulder are still on the floor while lifting your legs. You should inhale when lifting the legs and then you need to hold your breath for a few seconds. While coming back to your early pose, start exhaling slowly. It doesn’t really matter if you’re taking any depression therapy in Haryana or not, maintaining these yoga poses regularly does not have any restrictions. 

  • Sukhasana

 If there is any easiest pose in the dictionary of yoga then sukhasana should be on the top. In fact, people call it Easy Pose as well. Now let us explain the pose first. Have you ever seen any people doing meditation? If yes, then just follow that step directly. You can also watch some YouTube videos regarding this. 

 Just simply sit on the floor or yoga mate and keep your backbone completely straight. You’ve to sit in a cross-leg position. Now close your eyes and start doing deep breathing. Following this sukhasana on a regular basis is very easy, as it has no tough posture to maintain. Always remember that sukhasana works better when you get some fresh air. That’s why do it in your backyard, or at your rooftop for better. Sukhasana is not only beneficial for your mental health but also these are beneficial for the heart, bones, and digestion system.

  • Savasana 

Savasana should be done when you’re done with all your yoga poses. In fact, it can be entertaining as well. After doing a bunch of exercises when you’re fully tired just be straight and lay down on your goya mat, and you’re all done. Make sure you keep your entire body straight, your eyes should be closed, and breathing will be normal. People suffering from minor depressive thoughts can easily recover just by following savasana and sukhasana. 

 Apart from these 4 asanas, there are more types available. Just start a routine by following the mentioned 4 asanas and if you feel motivated then join a professional yoga class. Always remember you have to keep your patience and need to be very consistent about it. Unfortunately, when a person experiences multiple episodes of depression and anxiety they must talk to a psychiatrist because in severe cases doing yoga and following a healthy lifestyle might not be enough.

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