Having Relationship Issues? – Avail These Most Effective Couple Therapies 

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These days relationship issues and getting divorced are more common than getting married. However, compared to the Western culture, Indians are still a little conservative about this leaving apart concept. But unfortunately, the number of divorce or breakups are increasing day by day. Therefore couples therapy is getting more visible with time. 

 No matter which doctor you’re consulting, they are most likely to follow these 4 types of therapies. These are less costly and most effective. Let’s check them out first. 

  • EFT ( Emotionally Focused Therapy)

 Generally, this therapy works best in the initial stage. People generally look for couple therapy when they want to fix their issues. This means they are not willing to break the relationship, no matter how worse the complications are getting. The therapist needs to understand the problem and plan some strategies to divert their attention towards emotional aspects. It helps them to let go of their ego and prioritize love and affection first. 

  • Gottam Method

 The name basically came from the legendary psychologist John Gottam. It is also quite similar to the emotionally focused therapy. In this therapy also psychologists try to drag the entire attention into positive interactions. During the therapy, most couples come closer and try to forget their fights. The therapist will decide which therapy will be ideal for you both according to the seriousness. This is a very common type of couples therapy available in India as it is less complicated and affordable for all.  

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

Cognitive behavioral therapy refers to the therapy where the professionals closely watch the behavior of the patients. Depending on the observation they apply a strategy called a negative thought pattern. As a result, it helps the couple to solve their problems on their own. This problem-solving skill is a survival strategy because it helps you to deal with future fights with your loved ones. Not only for the relationship issues CBT can be a[plied for most of the other mental issues. 

  • Premarital Counseling

Men and women both tend to get confused and scared about their upcoming married life. Especially for those, who haven’t yet lived together, who haven’t fully enjoyed their sex life, who never became that much seriously committed earlier. If you are also coming from that history, premarital counseling is the best option for you. Moreover, find a trustworthy and well-known therapist first and then ask for such types of counseling. 

Closing View

When both of you are finding that something is going wrong in your relationship, then consider having a couple counseling. Before that try your own way of dealing, communicate with each other, and understand each other. Every relationship is different in its own way and a little bit of adjustment is always needed for a long, happy, and healthy relationship. If these factors do not work in your case, then the above-mentioned 4 therapies will certainly sort out all your issues.

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