Different Types Of Tests To Detect Bipolar Before Starting Depression Counseling In Bihar 

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Bipolar disorder is always related to depression. In most cases people suffering from bipolar disorder when they have depressive thoughts were there for quite a long time. This is the reason we always suggest to have the treatment right from the early stage, otherwise disease like bipolar will make your life hell. Aside from this bipolar can come from family history too and you should always remember it’s an incurable mental disorder. So keep the expectations accordingly. Sometimes people directly start searching for depression counseling in Bihar but we recommend diagnosis with proper detective tests. 

Here we will be giving you a few diagnosis options that will certainly help you to identify which types of bipolar disorder you’re suffering from. Generally two types of bipolar are common among human beings. One is “Bipolar-I” and another one is “Bipolar-II”. Hope the below-mentioned diagnosis options will help you to detect the type and the stage too. So let’s get started first.

  • Physical & Lab Tests  

No matter if you’re visiting a doctor or a psychologist, few tests are fully common among all the people. When you visit them they will check your movement, how you contact your eyes with others, they will also check how your nerves are working by a visualization. After that they might suggest some other lab tests as well. And Checking the diabetes and for fasting and PP both along with this they will also include another most important test and that is T4TSH. It’s a thyroid test, because several studies have proven that thyroid patients are more likely to suffer from various mental disorders, especially bipolar. 

  • Mood Charting

One of the major symptoms of bipolar disorder is always mood swings. In the initial days you might not experience huge changes in your moods, but with time and also with no treatment the situation can go worse and slowly you will certainly experience a major change in your moods. Out of any such reasons you can be too happy and similarly you can be extremely upset as well. So these are the reasons your psychologist should maintain a mood chart. First it will help them to identify the time duration when your moods are fluctuating. Mood charting is the best way to conduct the entire treatment procedure of depression counseling. 

  • Assessment Of Characteristics

When a person is suffering from bipolar disorder, the first thing you will notice is their character. They will always behave relevant when they are suffering from this disorder. In more advanced stages they will tend to outburst at any topic. Along with this they can be over emotional to handle in some situations. When you initially visit a psychiatrist they should start an assignment on their characteristics. Sometimes bipolar patients grow a tendency in them to unnecessary fighting, telling lies and so many other things. You professionals should know about these characteristics as well, so never hide such things from them for a faster recovery. 

  • Criterias 

Starting from the teenagers to the elderly people, psychiatrists might compare your condition with all the criterias of bipolar disorder. As we mentioned earlier, there are commonly 2 types of bipolar disorder. By comparing the criterias with both the types, the therapist will be able to give a better solution within a short time. Before directly initiating a session for depression counseling in India, checking and comparing the criterias are very important to get the best solution. 

Bipolar disorder is an incurable disorder among all people. This is why if your therapist is promising you to give a cure, then always remember it’s a fake promise. You can only control all the symptoms that are bothering you for a long time. When you have already stated the treatment and are getting a visible betterment in your mental health then never suddenly stop continuing the treatment. Sometimes the doctor follows a medication course for the treatment, make sure you continue it as well. If you stop them all of a sudden then there is a change for repeated episodes. These repeated episodes of depression are more dangerous. So be aware and keep continuing your treatment unless your doctor is allowing you to stop.

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