WaysTo Control Attention-Seeking Phase During Depression Counseling In India


 Depression is a very common and easily curable mental disorder. But you’ve to start the treatment right on time. Delay in overall treatment will never cure the symptoms. Attention-seeking is a phase when people suffer from little serious mental condition, it is a very common phase to appear. However, with time and a proper counseling process, the symptoms can be minimized. Having depression counseling in India, will help you to sort out all the issues.

Aside from this, as a family member or friend, you also need to maintain a few suggestions given by your psychiatrist or therapist. 

 Here we’ll let you know some techniques that will certainly help you to overcome this attention-seeking phase. So without any further do, let’s find out the ways.

  • Stop Staying Around 

Due to unhealthy mental health, people try to seek attention. In the initial days handling such a situation might look very easy but in reality, it will start to bother you soon. In most cases, those who are in the severe stage and have therapies are more likely to suffer from these symptoms. Being a partner or any other close family member you should not stay around the patient for a very long time. It will make them dependent on you and the cure will be delayed. During the attention-seeking phase, patients don’t want to stay alone at home, rather they always want to stay surrounded by many people. But letting them do so will never solve the symptom permanently. 

  • Try To Talk Politely 

No matter whether they are suffering from depression, OCD, or any other mental disorder, being a well-wisher you always need to maintain a polite etiquette with the patient. During the attention-seeking phase, they will make you irritated at some point, but you have to hold your calm and then start communicating with them. A rude behavior will always make the patients sad and it will lead to the next stage of depression. Whenever you’re communicating with them try to listen and understand their mind state and give solutions accordingly. 

  • Avoid Fulfilling All Their Wishes

Attention-seeking is a phase, where the patients must have some self-control. Without this getting a cure will be quite tough. If you’re getting any psychotherapy then you’ll know if the people around the patients fulfill all their wishes they will seek attention more and more. And after a certain time, no cure will be there. Therapy will help you to become self-sufficient and slowly you’ll gain self-control strategies. If you’re getting the best depression counseling in India, then the therapist will also suggest the same thing.

  • Set Clear Barriers

If you’re suffering from depression then start taking depression counseling in India as soon as possible. Without proper treatment, you might also suffer from this attention-seeking phase. If any people you know are suffering from such issues, set a clear barrier for them. For example, if the patient is nagging for a burger, don’t let them have it whenever they want. With polite words make them understand you’ll give them the burger a little later but not now. Throughout this process, they will learn about their barriers and will be able to control their moods soon.

  • Spend Less Time

As mentioned earlier, during the attention-seeking phase they will try to spend more and more time with you. But in reality, when you spend more time, they will become more dependent on you. So try to restrict the time to spend with him or her. According to the professionals, try to set a particular time to have a conversation with them, but giving more time will delay the recovery period.

Always remember controlling most of the psychological issues are always in your hand. All you need to do is maintain a good routine and lifestyle to follow. Along with this getting treated on time is equally important for you. According to many studies,  the attention-seeking phase is a futile symptom in most cases, and with the help of top-notch therapy, one can expect a speedy recovery too.

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