5 Benefits of Group Therapy

Group Counseling

As the name suggests, group counseling works in a group. There is not only a group of psychotherapists, but also there will be a small group of patients as well. In such cases, one or two groups of therapists are needed to treat 4 to 10 patients at the same time.

Basic theories of group Counseling

The basic group counseling theories are divided into 5 parts. These are,

  • Adlerian group work:

This popular theory basically works to discover the strength of a particular person. This theory includes various investigations on early life experience, and depending on that therapy goes on.

  • person-centered counseling: 

The ultimate motto behind this theory is to identify ourselves and to know about our qualities and abilities. And after identification, it makes us learn to facilitate the qualities. 

  • Psychodrama:

It’s a type of theory that helps the patients understand the faults and issues they are having in front of many people. It’s a vital theory to apply when a person is unaware of their issues.

  • Cognitive-behavioral group theory:

This theory is based on various approaches. These approaches are group processes, behavioral strategies, and many more.

What is the role of a counselor in group counseling?

There are generally 3 roles of a counselor in every group counseling. These are,

  •  Bringing a discussion among the patients
  • Initiating a conversation
  • Applying various theories and models for cure

5 Benefits of group therapy for group counseling

For all the patients, who are suffering from mental disorders, group counseling can be extremely beneficial for you all. There are 5 major benefits you all can experience.

  • The patient feels safe in group counseling
  • They feel they are not alone
  • They feel free to raise their voice
  • They get support from others
  • They can relate their issue with others in a positive manner. 

Types of group therapy we should do

There are certain group therapies, which are recommended for all. People without mental illness also can try this to make a better personality.

  • Cognitive behavioral theory 
  • Dynamic group therapy
  • Skills development groups

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