Best Marriage Counseling in Guwahati

Best Marriage Counseling in Guwahati

In today’s generation getting married has become a different kind of experience for every individual person. Some get very positive while others are experiencing extreme toxicness and negativities in their marriage stories. Aside from this psychological issues are also becoming a very common issue in every family and every house. But the problem might begin if you’re married to a person, who is already suffering from a certain kind of psychological issue. Especially when the psychological issues are like bipolar disorders. Before everything, you must know that no matter which kind of psychological health issues your spouse is suffering from, having marriage counseling in Guwahati from a reputed professional can solve it all.  

Here in this blog, we will be sharing with you a total of 5 types of marital issues you might face if your partner has bipolar disorder. Bipolar is an incurable disorder, therefore you need to understand the condition very closely and accordingly should maintain a follow-up treatment for lifelong. So let’s get clear with the issues first. 

  • Problems In Communication  

For every marriage or relationship, communication is a very big thing. If you do not have the freedom to discuss anything with your husband or wife, it will be tough for you both to maintain the relationship. This is the basic issue one can always face if they are married to a bipolar partner. Bipolar refers to mood swings, therefore when you decide to discuss something private or important, make sure you are quite aware of the mood of your partner, and initiate the conversation. Otherwise, you might end up with lots of disappointments. You can also seek suggestions from the professionals to create an effective communication with your partner.

  • Problems In Parenting 

Parenting is a big responsibility for every couple. This is the reason after getting married they take enough time to prepare themselves before taking the mental and financial responsibilities of a child. But if any of a person in the couple is suffering from bipolar disorder, then it can be difficult for them to accept the responsibilities as a parent. However, it can be not only harmful to your child but also can create toxicness in the relationship between a husband and a wife. This is why you need to be supportive enough and understand the valuation of constant treatment of bipolar disorder. 

  • Financial Responsibilities 

Financial responsibilities are always a big thing in every relationship, especially when it turns into marriage and lifetime commitments. Unfortunately, if your partner is suffering from Bipolar disorder, then he or she will have a common nature of shopping. Sometimes without the need to they might spend a lot of money on it. Bipolar is quite related to different kinds of mania, and similarly, this shopping also becomes a mania for the. They become immature about credits and debits, so it is always better if you handle the financial responsibilities single-handedly. Otherwise, there will be zero financial planning and security for the family.

  • Problems In Sex Life

If you detect that your husband or wife is suffering from bipolar disorder then first take them immediately to the therapist, and listen to every word they are prescribing. Bipolar disorder and the medications for this disorder can cause zero interest in sex and sometimes hypersexuality as well. So, this can create a huge mess in your marriage. During such a situation, if you consult a professional therapist for marriage counseling, then all your problems related to your sex life can be easily controlled. So, without wasting more time, go for it.

As we mentioned earlier, bipolar is an untreatable disorder for men and women both. Generally, after the 50s people experience minor symptoms of bipolar. Various studies have proven, having an unsatisfied life for a long time and genetic issues are the main 2 reasons for bipolar disorder.  But if you detect and start the treatment on time, then all the symptoms can be easily controlled. However, having constant follow-up is a basic requirement for limiting this disorder. With proper care, love, and therapy your spouse can have a normal psychology like others as well.

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