Top 5 Valuable Benefits of Couples Therapy in Kolkata

Couples Therapy in Kolkata

Just like other characteristics, narcissism is also a regular characteristic. We all have a little bit of narcissism in us, because somewhere deep down in our hearts, we all love ourselves first, and then we can love others. But when you are suffering from NPD then this self-love will unknowingly make you self-obsessed. So be very much aware of that and keep that in mind when you should deal with your partner. However, couple therapy in Kolkata can be a big savior, when it comes to applying the special techniques with your narcissist partner. 

There are some common characteristics in these kinds of personalities. Such as arrogance, lack of emotion, a feeling of superiority, perfectionism, preferring to be admired every time, high self-esteem, and sometimes high levels of anxiety as well. Being their partner you might feel extremely claustrophobic sometimes. This is the reason, why here we will be mentioning 5 techniques that will not only make you happy but that will also make you learn how you can deal with your narcissistic partner. So, without any further ado let’s know them first.

  • Have Your World

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, if you are married to them, then you may have faced such a situation, when they do not want you to mess with many people. As they are extremely attention-seeking, they will always prefer to have their loved ones’ attention only on them. They even do it forcefully as well.  Always remember when you give your entire attention only to your partner rather than giving it to your other family members and friends, it will automatically create toxicness in your relationship. Therefore you need to handle the situation extremely calmly and should distribute your attention and responsibilities accordingly. You can do it for your happiness as well. 

  • Avoid Arguing With Them 

When it comes to narcissistic personalities, they are extremely likely to think about themselves only, especially if they are suffering from NPD. So, during any kind of situation if you outburst on them, it might go out of your control. And both of you will end up with a very ridiculous ending. This is the reason if you want to avoid such a situation, then make sure to limit arguments with them, rather stay calm and quiet, and handle them quite gently. Other than this if you feel like discussing any important things, weigh for an ideal time to talk to them with politeness. As they are very self-obsessed, so if you talk to them with politeness, or in a very manipulative way, then things can turn into a healthy ending as well.  

  • Do Not Compare Your Partner 

In general, comparing any person with someone other is never really correct. No matter whether your partner is a narcissist or not, it might hurt them in many ways. This is the reason you need to understand, having a narcissistic partner how much you can hurt them by comparisons. So, being an understanding partner you should avoid doing such things. Rather you can make them understand your feelings just by having clear communication at a suitable time. However, many studies have proven that having couple therapy can help you to not make such kinds of mistakes again.

  • Maintaining Clear Boundaries 

Right from the initial days of your relationship, you should always remember to maintain clear boundaries with your partner. No matter how they might feel about your boundaries, it’s a very big technique to deal with a narcissist, otherwise, it will be tough for you to stay happy. And after some time you will start living life in your partner’s way.  So once you know your partner has a narcissistic personality, make sure you set clear boundaries for them and also in various terms of your relationship.

Aside from all the above-mentioned tips you should always have a calming personality to stay under one roof with your partner. Being hyper is never a solution. Also, remember it’s not a disorder, so your partner is also a normal human being like you. But if their personality is affecting not only you deeply, but also outsiders and their professional career as well, then your partner might need a counseling session from the psycho therapists

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